Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fitness first boxing class with trainer

So, my first session's evaluation result turn out pretty good
I scored 14 over total poing of 24..
My trainer is pretty linear I guess.. Hehe..

My body is surprisingly..... Fit.......
I shall try my very best to maintain this..
I aim to lose more body fat actually

So the second training was boxing class..
It turned out well too!
I'm glad my trainer is young n less intimidating (he is only 20 year old my goodness)
Had real fun punching even though my arms looked like lollipop with the boxing gloves on..
it's blardy heavy!!
I'm guessing each side is half a kilo..
Before u call me a whinny baby, I'd like to clarify that it's really hard for a person who can't do a full single pumping like me..
Trainer sets the punching session at 6 mins intervals.. He said I'm supposed to rest my fist.. 
BUT...... Only the fist -___-
I did squad, cheat pumping, sit up punch, lunges, jumping jacks etc etc i can't remember what f name exercise they are.. Oh dear........ 
Rest my ass -___-

My leg sores like mad now even though 2 days have lapsed T.T
Walk like a penguin (trust me its already been cute-tified)
I start to enjoy it though..
The feeling of breaking my limits..
I wanna stay healthy
N of course, S.L.I.M! *whistle*

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