Friday, January 28, 2011


終於作了這個決定 別人怎麼說我不理 只要你也一樣的肯定 








我雖然心太急 更害怕錯過你

i will remember this forever
that night you held my hand tight, n the walk on the foreign street.
i feel safe. i dont feel empty anymore...

then you asked me to sing you a song
n this song, i whisper to your ear.

愛.. 真的需要勇氣..  

Saturday, January 15, 2011

oh.. we're too noob for that stuffs..

i dont normally blog about my hangouts with frens
especially normal weekend's get together..
but it was an abnormal wan last nite -____-

People: Sammie, Lekho, Me. with Simon n Vern join a lil while later
background scene: McD taipan

As usual talking nonsense n all.. laughing at Lekho sending highly inappropriate msg to the wrong Simon regarding to our hangout.. hahahha!
Vern was doing her japanese class homework.. last min sial........

Sammie:   my sis is going to Genting tonight......
Me:         lets go Genting too!
Lekho:    *looked at the time* hey its almost 12 edi
Simon:     i can drive
Vern:       .................... *still doing homework*
Sammie:  u can drive my car
Me:         yea we'll split the petrol money :D
Lekho:    guys.... u serious? -____-
Sammie: YEA!!! y not?? adventurous!!!!
Me:        yea!! lets go!! we're not old!!!
Simon:    u ok, i ok..

turn out we're not too old for this stuffs
but too stupid for this stuffs

first, non of us know the exact way to Genting.. haha!
second, the person who have GPS in his phone thought his GPS expired already
n we kept following the Ipoh way cuz we remember we saw Genting Highland signboard! (the last time we travel to Ipoh)
n then the person who have GPS know its supposed to be the Kuantan way but 3 girls sitting behind of the vehicle said 3 brains is better than 1 brain.. (stressssssS)

so, the Ipoh way is still correct
but its the freaking longer way n its the old road!!!!
n lack of signboards afterthat!!!!!!!!!!

2:00 am
we were driving to no where we find familiar
the last familiar place we knew was Hulu Yam
n it was a while ago already

2:15 am
*awkward silence*
lekho finally turn on his GPS
"ey.. we overshopped lar"

between 2:15 to 3am
scary DARK road n remember, dont look back!
cuz u wont be able to see anything behind!!!
lekho suggest, "eyy y not we turn off the light n see how that feels"
errr..... worst thing ever!

reach Genting
all look like crap

to the casino!!!!!!!!
oh.. not really, toilet first.. hahaha!

wL officially lose her voice -____- (sore throat)
Simon, Lekho n Sammie lose their money instead

walk around Genting
everyone suggest breakfast!!!
dim sum!!!! back to USJ for that!! YEA!!!!

6 smtg
*quiet car* bunch of zombies
Sammie whisper to Simon, i guess no more breakfast.. we'll just go home..


reach home 7 plus..
Sammie: "i wish our house r much nearer"

Saturday, January 1, 2011


what so special about new year?

the most recent eve that ive thrown myself being out of the house was christmas's eve
n trust me, i didnt enjoy at all no matter how hard ive tried
id rather be at home watching series n leave those hang outs to when we have more choices of where to go..
surprisingly i had a contradicting feeling just a few hours before i leap to year 2011
was that i felt lonely
i was at home alone before dear roberto W and alejandro Y pick me up after their dinner
i was wrong
lonely was an awful feeling no matter how much i love my alone time
im glad and consider myself lucky that ive havent been alone for going through all the hard time in year 2010

my fren sammie said her year 2010 was a roller coaster ride
so am i

a break up
a worst CNY ever
a further weight loss
a satisfying results
a better connection with my sister
a great holiday
a few dates not being the usual me
an all fail results
a bad complexion
a dramatic resignation after 2 weeks of employment -___-
a submission, admitting i need help
an OBU degree
an apple
a drive out alone

ppl call me lucky right now but im not!
because only a few out of the list up there was out of control n so i bliv year 2010 could turn out better if i try harder
its got good enough..

thats how i welcome my year 2011. :)