Wednesday, July 21, 2010

have i changed?


cuz people change everyday, n all the time.. but sometimes it is just not so noticable..

in the case of relationship..
currently i felt that im back to myself a few years ago..
back before i met my ex..
that girl who couldnt open her heart to anyone at all..
whenever things get serious, i bail...

except that now i understand more about loving someone..
n cant ignore the fact that when things turn ugly n u start to hate,
it'll be as deep as the love u've once given out.
plus, hurt.. it takes time to heal..

i realise i cant affort all that right now..

i've told few of my close friends that im surprise i could start seeing someone so soon
not in a relationship, but simply dating..
last sem.

n it didnt turn out as great as i thought it should be..
but too much to handle..

i have not lose my faith in love.
just not ready yet..
not willing to put myself in vulnerable condition anymore
n realise that i need to protect myself, by myself..

Friday, July 16, 2010

im back!

just had the best holiday ever for 3 weeks
n blog being abandoned for 3 weeks as well..

i thought i would've at least update it once or twice a week there but turn out i didnt have the time.. haha!
need not to explain..
y would i waste the time i have there in front of the PC?? =P

im lucky n glad that sam n her frens were all having winter break during my stay
or all the day trips will not happen =)
n less party or hangout definitely.. hehe..

n cant bliv that i didnt talk to my parents at all for that 3 weeks -____-
but i did try calling okayyyyy..
feel so bad when i receive the first call once i've landed
it was from my dad T_T
he remember exactly what time i reach Malaysia
eventhough it wasnt him who pick me up from the airport..

home sweet home!
now i cant wait to get my results..