Saturday, March 27, 2010

y Is Earth Hour such a big deal?

a year already? mhm.. that was quick..
lemmi think wat i did on last year's Earth Hour..

in my room, full blast air-cond, with lights on n playing psp..

i kept telling myself "okok, a while more later i'll turn off the lights and air-cond"
but i didnt....
although they had my full support when i heard of the idea initially..

so what happen is that an hour was GONE before i wanna show my real support in action..
i think it kinda proof that the particuplar hour is not THAT important..
(lets skip the commercial or corporate point of view but only us, the insignificant as an individual but significant as hell as a group)
cuz did you take the initiative to recycle? take least plastic bags as possible/bring your own shopping bag?
or any other stuffs to protect the earth that you can ever think of but not only when ppl said so..
cuz power supply is just a part of it!

watch me! im still gonna on the freaking lights and air-cond later.. oh.. i mean NOW!