Sunday, July 7, 2013

Birthday wish

Last year I was in Philippine 
Intercontinental hotel was quite thoughtful to surprise me with a slice of cake placed on the coffee table..
Found it when I'm back to hotel after a whole day of training..
I was glad but lonely..
Didn't quite care (I'm a loner)
But somehow, I wished someone would've share the cake with me..
I enjoyed my training 
But I also learnt that I need friends..
Birthday song n being the centre of attention once a year isn't that intimidating after all..

Part of my wish came true..
Maybe because I kept it simple?

I wished for a celebration with friends and family
So this year I booked a flight to bkk with joe first..
But the flight end up with 6 extra delightful companion.. :)
Well this I really don't expect..
Cuz we didn't plan for it..
Just one fine morning air Asia is giving zero fare tickets and boom!
First booking for joe and I
2nd booking for lekho, Simon n fv
3rd booking for sis n the bf..
It was fun.. Crazy shopping! And I didn't have to carry anything :P
Joe did all the heavy duty (love u!)

The 2nd wish was........
I wanted a whole cake.. Not a slice..
(This wish didn't came true)
But it somehow come in as a sweet surprise n its better than a whole cake.. 
Dessert menu was pre-hidden by the waiter.. 
So I got 2 slices of cake with loads of whipped cream n 2 big scoops of ice cream.. Yummy~ picked by fv dear..
Tiramisu n choc lava cake :)

Though, I want to add.. There's a lil flaw to my bday celebration.. I didn't wanna drill on it but also didn't wanna be THAAT nice to not bitch about it..

One human actually suggest to dine at road side food stall instead of chocolate ville.. 
Chocolate ville is a really nice huge garden themed restaurant recommended by my friend Yat n I thought we wouldn't be able to drop by for this trip already..
But a last minute change of plan.. Instead of the roof top bar at baiyoke tower, everyone else agreed on choc ville since they know ill prefer nice dine instead of boozing..
Dear human, road side food stall.. Really?
You can go ahead if u want to.. Seriously..
ANDDDDD this human took the first bite of my bday cake followed by a loud "whoaaaaaa!" Fast n quick scoop..
I find it really rude.. 
I'm not sorry at all to say it out.. if u must know, u lose quite some respect from me already..

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